About Alyssa B. Antoci

Now 17, this Southern California native and children’s book author is a junior in high school. She is an anti-bullying advocate and dedicated motivational speaker that many consider a thought leader building youth self-esteem and confidence. Alyssa runs the Strength Behind Stars youth student board.  Her philanthropic roots began at an early age, as co-visionary and co-founder of Just A Little Cloth, which provides deserving girls the gift of a beautiful dress. In her spare time, Alyssa loves to write, play volleyball, and had competed in barrel racing for many years on her horse Nicki. She has owned her own horse business called Equine Stitches and is currently working on a fashion line with her sister.   Alyssa continues to nurture her creative talents with messages involving kindness, self-esteem, respect and tolerance. Her second book, a young adult chapter novel, is expected next year. To learn more, purchase books, or for a list of stores currently carrying The Purple Marble, please visit our store page.

About Strength Behind Stars

This initiative incorporates an inspirational anti-bullying program into schools. The program teaches both adults and youth how to shine brightly through adversity, and works towards creating kinder and empathetic dialogue among peers. Strength Behind Stars utilizes The Purple Marble book, as well as kindness ambassadors who serve as mentor peers. Strength Behind Stars shows each child that they can be the star in their own future. Additionally, Strength Behind Stars plans teacher training geared towards peer conflict resolution, as well as arranging for professionals to speak about anti-bullying behavior and effective strategies to extinguish it. For more information, please visit

About The Purple Marble

Written in 2011 by then eight-and-a-half year old Alyssa B. Antoci, it shares the story of Max, a fourth grader who struggles with his feelings and actions after he’s mistreated by a group of bullies at his school. The story shares different points of view and perspectives, including those of Max, the bully and bystanders. The universal theme is the importance of overcoming adversity by advocating for yourself and others, while practicing qualities such as understanding, tolerance, kindness and forgiveness.

SBS Kids Board

A student board in Santa Barbara County of young heroes hold regular meetings to discuss where they can help out in their own community with projects and events.