Our goal is to encourage kids to become Ambassadors for Kindness (AFK) by providing in classroom curriculum to every K-5th grade classroom in the U.S. We also provide kindness and inspirational quote decals for classroom walls, school walls, bathroom stall doors and mirrors to remind kids to be kind and to think before they speak.


Our mission is to build kinder schools by promoting tolerance, respect, and self esteem. By concentrating our efforts, kindergarten through 5th grade, our focused mission is to change the culture so that kindness becomes the new norm in our schools.


WE are losing children to a tragic yet preventable epidemic called “bullying”. The best place that we can reach our kids is in the school by peers leading peers. Have your child become an ambassador for kindness today! THEY ARE THE STARS OF OUR FUTURE!

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“It saddens me that such a preventable epidemic, "bullying" , is destroying and worse killing our kids.. We can not rely on all parents to teach their children about "the golden rule", so the next best place we can reach kids, is in our schools. We are working with students who will be directing and guiding kindness projects through out the year at their own school. Our first step is getting the book "The Purple Marble" into every elementary school in America and beyond. This will open the discussion about bullying in classrooms and at home. This will help create a kinder and safer environment for our school communities! Please help support our cause!WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" -Tiffany Antoci, Strength Behind Stars -President

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What are we doing

Alyssa B. Antoci is taking her passion to help children, parents and educators one step further. To bring kids and educators closer together on an important issue, Alyssa has started a grassroots-style crowdfunding campaign intended to place the anti-bullying book, The Purple Marble, into schools and libraries across the U.S. Alyssa knows first-hand how important that dialogue is. She wrote The Purple Marble when she was just eight-and-a-half years old. Today, The Purple Marble is in more than 350 schools, libraries and bookstores! -- and with your help the number is increasing monthly. The mission is to gift a book to each and every classroom in America, specifically kindergarten-through-fourth grade classrooms. This initiative is larger than delivering The Purple Marble book to schools. Alyssa wants to see her book, which addresses breaking the cycle of bullying and the effects of it, used within each classroom, so it can serve to build and shape conversations about the often-difficult subject of bullying. This campaign allows others to join in making a lasting difference. You can also recommend a school or library that you would like to see The Purple Marble gifted to.

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